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For the best possible picture quality an SLR digital camera is best. Digital SLR’s can produce high quality & sharp pictures, assuming that you have a high quality lens. SLR cameras are also bulky and heavy, and can be expensive.If you wanta simple compact digital camera, or a more advanced model with extra features or even a digital SLR, there are a large number of cameras with various features on the market to choose from.Our adverts for cameras may help you choose the right camera for you, depending on your budget. With some digital cameras, the image is not taken not straightaway and may take more than a second after the shutter is pressed, which means that you may miss the chance to take the picture you want. More expensive digital cameras tend to offer a higher pixel resolution but for a good quality standard size print, all you need is a digital camera with just more than 2 megapixels, but most cameras these days are at least 8 megapixels.